Solid Gold 80s 70s Live Music Party Band Salt
          Lake City, Ut

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Disco Stu Coffin--vocals

The newest member of the band, Stu joined in  2003.
He is a charismatic individual and an all around fungi. 
With an outstanding vocal range and clear enunciation he has the vocal chops to
work his way through the wide range of styles the bands set list consists of.

Spencer "Spinner" Dean--drums and percussion

Spinner is the anchor that holds everything together.
Guiding the band through its huge catalog of songs (over 100) is just one of Spence's very important duties. 
Spence is also chief booking agent and negotiator for the band, as well as being the best looking guy in the band!

Dave Phillips--lead guitar

Dave is far and away the best guitar player around.
With dizzying effects and virtuosity on the fret board, Sven can cover anything and make it his own.
 Possessing a degree in music from the University of Utah, Sven is a music teacher by day and an accomplished performer by night.

Voots--bass guitar

Self taught on bass guitar, Voots more than gets the job done holding down the low end of the rhythm section.
An imposing figure on stage, Voots either turns you on or scares the piss out of you.

Solid Gold 80s 70s Live Music Party Band
              Salt Lake City, Ut

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